When existing concrete structures and platforms need any kind of inspection, Buchheit Construction is the place to call. With our access to industry leading technology of concrete scanning and imaging, and years of concrete expertise, we can handle any project!

With our brand new concrete scanning technology, we’re able to locate and pinpoint rebar, conduits, and PT cables in addition to detecting concrete thickness, voids, and concrete cover. With this knowledge, we can accurately asses any concrete structure to help plan for any project you had in mind! This requires special machinery and expert knowledge, both of which Buchheit Construction can provide.

Tracing Conduits

Thanks to latest technology, we are even able to identify where conduits lie in your concrete and even beneath it. This allows us to trace conduits and avoid costly or dangerous damage when doing any kind of project you need done. With our years of concrete expertise and great service, Buchheit concrete is the best choice for any concrete services!

Locating Rebar

With our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Concrete Scanner, we are able to scan any concrete structure in search of rebar. Normally, this process would require concrete coring, drilling, or cutting. The concrete scanner shows where the rebar lies and targets important parts to help easily identify the exact location of the rebar in your concrete structure. This well help us cut, core, or drill into concrete more safely and with greater accuracy!

Find Post-Tension Cables

Cutting into concrete slabs with post-tension cables requires a careful, controlled process. The key to doing so is being able to accurately pinpoint the post tension cables in your foundation. For the safest and most cost effective concrete scanning and/or cutting services, call Buchheit today!

Concrete Slab thickness

It’s important to know the thickness of a concrete slab before doing any work on it. Thanks to our StructureScan Mini XT concrete scanner, we can easily determine the thickness of any slab of concrete up to 2 feet thick. Now we can more accurately assess your existing concrete structure to the finest detail! Give Buchheit Construction a call today to see it in action!

Locating Voids

When it comes to assessing structural integrity, our scanner makes it easier, less damaging to the structure, and more cost effective. With this technology, we can now detect the presence of voids as well as honeycombing in any concrete structure. This will help us prevent any failure in structural integrity in the future. To see if you can help prevent major concrete damage, call Buchheit today!

Determine Overall Concrete Condition

Scanning concrete cover information allows us to see deterioration in concrete structures. Not only that, but it will make it easier for us to determine if your concrete structure will be prone to deterioration from natural elements. This will help us repair and restore your concrete where it needs it the most, which means you get the most cost effective repairs!


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When cutting concrete, it is extremely important to know what tools are right for the job, how thick the concrete is and a variety of other factors. Using the latest technology in concrete scanning and choosing a good contractor are critical, and Buchheit Construction is the #1 choice for concrete scanning services.

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We wanted to thank all of the guys for the great job that was done on our driveway and walls. Everything was exactly as Mike told us it would be except for the steps. They were so much better than expected. We are very pleased with the work. Thanks much!


Concrete Cutting Commitment

We provide an ongoing customer service commitment and we believe strongly in doing things right the first time. There are no shortcuts accepted when we cut concrete. We know that when cutting concrete, it is important to maintain as much structural integrity as possible. All rules of engineering will be closely followed, which is a dedication that has earned us a reputation for being a professional contractor with reliability and quality workmanship. We are committed to our customers before, during, and after the cutting.

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