Concrete pavement is more expensive to mix and install – but there’s a great reason for that. It’s more lasting and durable over an extended period of time. So if you are planning on enjoying and staying in your home for many years, it’s worth the investment. If you just bought the property as an investment to fix it up and then put it right back on the market, you can go with a simple concrete driveway with exposed aggregate. Another “pro” to choosing concrete is that in its basic form, this concrete construction material has more curb appeal right from the start (without having to order any special color or design). However, if you want to have your house standout, we have many stamps and stencils that will give your home that “wow” factor. Undoubtedly one of the best overall “pros” to selecting concrete is that it is better for our environment! The installation process of concrete alone is less obtrusive and assaulting to the environment (and our senses) than asphalt!