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Concrete Patios

Enhance Your Home, Yard, or Poolside with a Professionally Installed Paved Concrete Patio from Buchheit Construction

“Create a Beautiful and Coordinated Hardscape Design with Stamped and Stained Concrete Patios from Buchheit Construction”

Patios are an important aspect of your landscape’s hardscape design, which includes all non-plant materials. At Buchheit Construction, we offer stamped and stained designer concrete patios that are both durable and neutral in palette, making them a popular choice for many hardscapes.

Our concrete patios are perfect for outdoor living spaces, as they seamlessly blend the interior and exterior areas of your home. By installing decorative concrete, homeowners can match the stone facade of their house and create a stunning stone patio without the cost of traditional individual stones.

Trust us to create a beautiful and coordinated hardscape design with stamped and stained concrete patios. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

We offer stamped concrete designs that can replicate the look of flagstone, brick, and many other textures by pressing patterns into freshly poured concrete. At Buchheit Construction, our concrete patio services include:

Why Buchheit Construction? – Concrete Contractor St. Louis

The answer is simple. We are the best option.
Buchheit Construction has been working with concrete for over 35 years, and we have substantial experience. We are fluent in the codes of The International Council of Structural Concrete (ICC). We are bonded and insured in our areas of operation, for we take our professionalism seriously. Furthermore, our customers are satisfied with our superior work. When you choose Buchheit Construction, we offer you high quality, reliable and quick snow removal service.
Additionally, we lay a variety of concrete structures. We have poured over 3 million feet of concrete creating everything from foundations to driveways to patios.

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In making a choice for a new patio, remember to choose designs and materials that are practical. Patios usually have a specific purpose, and we can help make sure you receive maximum benefit from this investment. Buchheit Construction will be happy to visit with you to discuss patio options with you free of charge.

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