What makes Buchheit Patios unique?

If you need a patio of any kind to help make your yard or pool side stand out from the rest than give Buchheit Construction a call. We have been making well designed, professionally installed paved concrete patios for over 35 years. Concrete or cement patios provide the perfect sanctuary for outdoor living spaces because they are often connected to the house and blend the interior with the exterior living areas. If you are looking to add a patio to your home and want it done by experts at installing patios than pick up the phone and give us a call today at 314-849-9997 or email us at [email protected]

Custom Concrete Patios, Design, and Installation

Did you know that according to OSHA “15% of all accidental deaths…” are caused by “slips, trips, or falls”? Not having proper snow removal could also be dangerous.

Buchheit Construction offers many Concrete Patio Services.

No matter what patio you are looking for Buchheit Construction can do it. Whether you’re looking for garden patios, pool patios and decks, stamped concrete patios, modern patios, or backyard patios, Buchheit Construction can do it all. We are able to construct the perfect concrete or cement patios that make the perfect sanctuary for your outdoor living spaces. Our Concrete Patio Services Include:

  • Traditional Brushed Finish
  • Patio Surfaces
  • Textured Stamped Concrete
  • Decorative Patio Edges
  • Concrete Seal and Maintenance
  • Concrete Patio Repair
  • Concrete Patio Color
  • Concrete Patio Structure and Texture

We can take care of any patio work that you need. If you are curious about the cost of our Concrete Patios than contact us today for a FREE Concrete Patio Estimate.

How can Buchheit Construction Make my Patio look better than any other?

With Buchheit Construction our concrete patios can transform landscapes into beautiful dreamscapes. We come up with the best design ideas to enhance your outdoor living spaces with attractive and durable concrete solutions.

Buchheite Construction is the Premier St. Louis Concrete Contractor. With over 3 million yards of concrete poured, Buchheit construction is the right choice for you!

We have been pouring concrete for residential and commercial customers for over 35 years. Buchheit Construction can make you a well-designed custom concrete patio. With our patios we can add beauty and elegance to any home, yard, and pool side. We are the best concrete contractor in the St. Louis Area. Call us today at 314-849-9997 or email us at [email protected] to get the best patio for your yard.