Sidewalks are used on a constant basis and need to be durable. Concrete sidewalks near homes and residential neighborhoods are paths that eventually show signs of wear due to weather, trees and shifts in the ground. Keep your sidewalk safe and have Buchheit Construction redo your concrete sidewalks today!

A cracked concrete sidewalk is both visually unappealing and potentially dangerous. Often, sidewalks are overlooked because we feel they’re just a way to get from point A to point B. However, a properly installed concrete sidewalk can do so much more. If done right, it can also add value to your property.

Creating the best sidewalks requires expertise and knowledge of both decorative and construction techniques. Initial design and construction methods greatly influence the long-term maintenance and lifespan of sidewalks. Historically concrete has been the material of choice because of its ease of installation, durability, reliability and availability of materials. At Buchheit Construction, we specialize in designing and creating sidewalks for various applications. Most sidewalks have frequent heavy foot traffic and should be built properly with appealing designs.

We use only premium materials for our sidewalk projects. These materials not only allow us to create an exceptional sturdy sidewalk, but add designs and decorative stamps as well. Our Concrete Sidewalk Services Include:


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In making a choice for a new sidewalk, remember to choose designs and materials that are practical. Sidewalks usually have a specific purpose, and we can help make sure you receive maximum benefit from your investment. Buchheit Construction will be happy to visit with you to discuss sidewalk options with you free of charge.

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Many thanks to Buchheit Construction for a great job done recently on my sidewalk. These people really know their craft and have a remarkable work ethic. The job was completed quickly, professionally and cleanly. Priced very reasonably.

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In making your design choices, remember to choose designs and materials that complement the architecture of your house. You also want the designs to reflect your personality, so that you can get maximum enjoyment from this personal and private space. We are committed to our customers before, during, and after the installation.

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