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Concrete Driveway Gallery

/Concrete Driveway Gallery

Exposed Aggregate Driveway Design

This customer wanted a creative and interesting design for their exposed aggregate driveway, so our design experts came up with the perfect solution.

Exposed Aggregate Driveway Pouring

We at Buchheit are experts at pouring and setting up exposed aggregate driveways. Our years of experience help make our jobs the best in St. Louis. This customer wanted a flat exposed aggregate driveway, but their driveway was slightly raised so we leveled the ground and poured the concrete perfectly flat.

Traditional Concrete Driveway Design

Our team of expert designers have years of experience creating exquisite traditional driveways. We can custom design almost anything to work with your vision for what you want your traditional driveway to look like.

Traditional Concrete Driveway Materials

When designing a traditional driveway, it is important to consider the materials that will be used in the construction. Buchheit Construction uses a wide variety of concrete types, pavers, stones and other materials that will help transform your driveway into the vision you've always had for it. Call today!

Modern Concrete Driveway

A modern concrete driveway adds style and sophistication to the front of your home. Trust Buchheit Construction to design and build the best modern concrete driveway, exactly how you want it!

Swirl finish concrete driveway

This is a very large driveway we completed in south St. Louis. The finish is known as a swirl concrete finish. Although not as popular as it once was due to stamped concrete it is a very attractive finish.

Three Car Concrete Driveway

Installation of a new three car width concrete driveway. We added a decorative edge on the driveway along with concrete steps leading up to the front porch. A total update for the concrete driveway.

Stamped Concrete Driveway


A great addition to this beautiful house. The stamped driveway gives it a unique and elegant look.

Large Concrete Driveway


The owner was extremely satisfied with this fantastic concrete driveway. Large and spacious, perfect for multiple cars or a nice basketball game.